About Linda

During the 22 years as an active eventingrider in the Swedish national Team, I have since 1989 competed in 4 Olympic games, 5 World Championships, 9 European Championships and 5 World Cup finals. 

I have had the advantage of competing with my fantastic horses and my team all over the world.  This has given me, among other things, 5 European Championship medals, 14 Swedish championship medals, (5 gold) and a double victory in the World Cup finals.  Between 1999-2008 I was included in the Swedish Olympic Committee’s top group, which made it possible to train and compete abroad very often. I have trained the horses I have used in competition myself.

Linda Algotsson

After graduation from Gymnasium with a diploma in Technical subjects I completed my education at University to become a teacher in Mathematics and Science.  I worked as a teacher for several years while also continuing my International competition career.  Since 1999 I have had my own company with the aim of educating and coaching young riders along with training and competing with competition horses up to the elite level.  The same year I also completed my ‘C-Trainer’ exam and since then I have worked professionally with educating and training both horses and riders.

In 1999 my book “Fälttävlan-Ridsportens Formel 1” was also published.  It is a ‘How-to’ book for those who will learn more on Eventing.  Along with the book I also made an Educational CD with tips, a video, 3D pictures as well as numerous printable documents in order to increase the readers understanding of Eventing.

Since 2011 I have worked as a trainer, mentor and coach for the “Mellantruppen”, Eventings talent group for young riders between 20 to 30 years old.  The typical “Mellantrupp” riders have a great desire to reach the top, with a lot of heart and will, and to be successful despite limited financial resources.  The aim is to coach and prepare the youths so that they can take a place on the National Team and represent Sweden in Championship competitions.  In one year the group has increased from 13 to 19 riders.  Most of these riders have their sights set on competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

I like challenges and have through my own successes shown that I have reached my own rather high goals.

Since 2011 I have worked to bring forward a new competition form in Eventing called “Stilfälttävlan”.  I worked in Germany for 3 years with training young horses and riders.  While there I competed often in “Style” judging and it was for me a whole new system compared with Sweden.  When I returned to Sweden I wondered how I could introduce this system here.  During the spring I took a class in Germany to become a judge for “Style” Eventing and since then I have worked on a concept suitable for our Swedish situation.  The goal of the new competition form is to educate young riders and horses, so then in the end we have more horses and riders at the toplevel.  During 2012 “Stylecrosscountry” will be arranged in Sweden and it will be my responsibility to train the “style” judges throughout the entire country so that the competitions can take place.

I have created an educational manual that will in a simple and clear way explain what “Stylecrosscountry” is, and can also be used by judges, trainers and riders.  Therefore I am also taking the class for “Styleshowjumping judging which will be complete in 2013.  In January 2012 I completed the B-Trainer exam in Show Jumping and Eventing (the first ever to complete both), 2014 i became A-trainer and since 2013 I am Mental Coach.

I am often requested as a speaker by Sports Clubs as well as businesses.